Staff Augmentation

Since 1998, PROTECH has provided IT staff augmentation for the ever-changing IT community. Our company clients include some of the most successful organizations around the globe. PROTECH has access to a large number of highly qualified IT professionals who have been selected and evaluated for their technical and domain expertise.

Consultants are available for short-term or long-term assignments and many clients find this a convenient way to keep projects on track and within budget so that their mission-critical goals can be accomplished effectively – a win-win situation.

PROTECH has established a resource and staff augmentation team, which caters to the needs of Recruitment and Staff Augmentation at Protech. The offshore team is performing most of the activities associated with recruitment like screening and interviewing potential candidates. PROTECH has employed technical recruiters who are now integrated into the exact processes of Protech. The global recruiting team helps Protech to locate the best and brightest candidates from anywhere in the world.


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