Value Proposition

Company – Values
We recognize that articulating corporate values goes only so far. Living them every single day in the work place is an entirely different matter and one that doesn’t happen without some conscious commitment on our part. And every day presents Protech with at least a few opportunities to test that commitment. 

Our corporate values are a reflection of not just the environment we try to provide to our employees, but also of how we do business with potential partners, customers and investors.

These values speak more about our corporate culture than anything else we could say about who we are and the kind of company we’re building at Protech.

A will to WIN.
Harnessing knowledge.
Optimum use of methodology & tools.
Integrity & credibility.
Understanding the clients business.
Demonstrating value.
Problem solving.


Customer partnership philosophy
Be a trusted partner and work relentlessly, for the growth & success of our clients’ business. Leverage the breadth & depth of our capabilities and help our customers from conceptualization to post-implementation support to strengthen their competitive position.

Protech is committed to creating and nurturing strong partnerships with its global clients. Protech seeks to be a trusted partner in the growth and success of clients’ business. We will leverage the breadth and scope of service offerings from conceptualization to post-deployment support to deliver business solutions and strengthen our clients’ competitive position. We strive to be viewed as a partner that competes aggressively and earns more business every day from each of our clients.

Protech’s world class team

A world class team of software and BPO professionals and engineers who have been educated at the best universities in India and abroad are Protech’s biggest asset. Together, they bring expertise in information technologies, software design and project management, business domain skills and client delivery and relations expertise.

Competitive Pricing

We realize that a key driver in your offshore decision process will be the cost of the solution and services. We also believe that you require a pricing solution that is flexible, easy to manage, and one which offers our clients access to top skills and capabilities.

With these imperatives as a guide, we offer an aggressive fee structure that provides access to a wide range of Protech’s skills. Our pricing includes resources from India and local. We have also developed several pricing and staffing models that serve to highlight the different price points you may expect for different types of work, staffed with resources from several different countries. We have modelled staffing solutions for application maintenance, application conversions, new development and iterative developments. While these models will vary during an engagement, they do serve to highlight the different percentages of onshore and offshore resources you may anticipate to perform various development activities.

We also believe that our ability to source skills from multiple locations benefits our client organisations, and we are certain that our rates will help you achieve its goal of reducing the cost of application development and maintenance.

In addition to a competitive starting rate, we can also offer a volume incentive. This incentive is based upon the number of FTE’s sourced from Protech over the next several years.

We are designed to provide the full range of application management services. Our innovative financial models minimize the cost of transition and knowledge transfer and ensure our clients benefit from outsourcing from the first day of the engagement. Services are provided as per defined, agreed -upon service levels.