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Protech is one of the fastest growing IT companies in India with a strong dedicated workforce. Our strong business focus has seen us post impressive growth figures. All these have strengthened our position to look forward to bigger and more challenging roles in the journey ahead. Our clients are leaders in their respective industries and they are always looking for a competitive edge, so we require individuals well-versed in the leading technologies.

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As you think about pursuing a career at Protech, consider two things: challenges and rewards. Building solutions for clients in a globally distributed manner requires commitment which often means going the extra mile for your client and for your project team.

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Our success is attributed to our strong team of software professionals & domain experts and a focused management team. We realize that the secret of organizational prosperity lies within the commitment to individual growth. We promote a healthy, challenging & stimulating work environment and actively provide need-based training programs to nourish our team. Today, Protech has become a choice destination for highly motivated people to work with.