QA & Risk Management Process

Protech management approach is guided by a well-established quality system and effectively supported by appropriate tools & technology.

The Quality Management function within Protech is driven by ISO 9001 guidelines and conforms to SEI-CMM model and thus is process driven rather than product driven. It is our firm belief that quality processes are essential to produce good quality products.

Quality Policy
“We are committed to total satisfaction of our customers, both external and internal, through innovative and competitive solutions. We nurture excellence by empowering employees with tools, techniques, methods, skills and by providing a pleasant as well as stimulating work environment. Continuous Quality improvement is the essence of everything we do. Everyone at Protech is committed to delivering quality.”

Quality Management System
The Quality Management System implements the above stated Quality Policy and includes Organizational Processes, Life Cycle Processes, Life Cycle Support Processes, Quality Processes and various departmental manuals.

Organizational Processes
This group contains processes addressing the area of Business Planning and Development, Business Support and Management of Business Partners. These processes help Protech maintain a well-defined and consistent interface with customers and are geared towards forging a long-term relationship with the customer.

Life Cycle Processes
This set of processes is concerned with Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and contains among others such core processes as Requirements Definition, Design, Coding, Unit Testing, System Testing, Customer Shipments, etc. These processes help Protech carry out software development in a disciplined manner. They are used in conjunction with Life Cycle Support and Quality Processes to deliver quality inputs to subsequent SDLC stages.

Life Cycle Support Processes
This set of processes comprises Project Management, Project Tracking & Oversight, Internal Code Reviews, Configuration Management and Document Control. These processes help execute project management and version control for documents and software.

Quality Processes
Quality processes, such as the Quality Plan, Reviews, Product Certification, and Internal Audits help focus on quality of deliverables and documentation so that Protech delivers Quality Products to its customers.

Quality Objectives
As part of the policy to maintain strict control on the quality of deliverables, it is mandatory for each project to have a quality plan that sets the level of the quality goals for the project. The adherence to quality goals is continuously monitored at different levels and verified at the end of the project using quantitative project metrics.
The Quality Objectives for each project are defined during the project initiation stage. There are organization-wide quality objectives (across different projects) and project specific quality objectives, some of which are driven by explicit customer requirements.

Risk Management:
In a global environment of scarcity of resources and cost control pressures, Protech offers a foundation of strength in its ability to provide a large number of resources and unique ability to provide offshore/onshore location choices that minimize risk and provide a foundation for success in project execution and long-term relationship. Each location offers varying degrees of price, time zone differential, and skills composition based on our clients’ specific business requirements and preferences. Protech believes, however, that our offshore delivery centers in India offer the best combination of benefits – including the lowest cost, greatest scale and mix of high quality of skills and manpower resources suited to our clients’ needs.

Security Controls :
Protech understands that intellectual property is a critical source of competitive advantage for our customers and we are very serious about protecting it. Protech agrees to hold your information confidential in accordance with standard practices in the industry and any specific agreement Protech signs with our client organizations.