Project Planning Methodologies

Protech’s Project planning includes quality assurance and risk management

Project Planning Methodology

The left column of the diagram divides a project into three stages of how Do I…

  • Start a New Project
  • Manage a Project
  • Finish a Project

The middle column expands on the three stages of a project with the Project Management Life-Cycle. The Life-Cycle divides a project into phases:

  • Project Proposal – where the project idea is developed and approved (or rejected).
  • Project Initiation – the initial planning and mapping out of the project.
  • Work phases – where the actual project work is done and managed using the Phase Management Life-Cycle: Initiate Plan, Organize, Control, and Close.

Our IT Project Managers master the tools and techniques of “best practices” project management. Our achievement-driven planning and scope control methodology includes:

  • Planning & negotiating with users and pinning down the requirements
  • Motivating the team with clear assignments so everyone knows what is expected
  • Estimating hours and duration accurately
  • Building accurate schedules so we deliver on time
  • Controlling Scope