Outbound Services

Outbound Call Center – Product/Service Promotion

We have a state-of-the-art outbound call center infrastructure, which enables the companies associated with us, to be assured of a solutions-based approach which meets its telephonic and e-commerce needs, related to a particular product campaign, and its successive promotion.

The Working

The Outbound Call Centers, offer solutions that can be tailor-made as per the client requirements. They offer fully integrated solutions, for acquiring more customers, and building a stronger customer base, helping to launch the product and build awareness in the relevant market. Outbound call centers provide exclusive product promotional support, to customers with the help tele-services. They help to generate momentum and expand new customer base along with creating awareness and excitement amongst the target , for the new products, introduced by the clients. Outbound calls made to target audience, consist of promotional product messages, which are in consistence with the company’s individual product promotion strategies.

Telemarketing Services

Our telesales and telemarketing, outsourcing services target interaction with potential customers, for “prospecting” i.e. either for generating interest in products and services, or to up-sell and cross-sell products to existing customer base or complete the sales process on-line.

Appointment Setting & Appointment Scheduling

Appointment setting has been the keystone of generating new business avenues. It is the most qualified business-to-business communication medium which requires a detailed administrative program to ensure that the appointments are scheduled, by each field representative.

The Highlights of Appointment Setting Services

The Outbound Appointment Setting Call Center fully provides sales professionals, with market intelligence to be undertaken in each appointment. It is an efficient tool for the companies like:

  • Mortgage brokers
  • Financial planners
  • Contractors
  • Service oriented businesses
  • Insurance companies
  • Real Estate
  • Medical
  • Annuity
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Time Share
  • Auto Loan
  • Automotive Warranties


Appointment Setters generate qualified appointments based on the assigned parameters, and create point to point route maps, designed for each appointment, with perfect ease. The appointment setting call center enables the sales representatives, to have sales calls, with highly qualified prospects of closing sales leads. The likelihood of closing a sale, increases if the consultations, provided to the prospect is on time, over the phone. Appointment setting requires good communication skills and the tact of the professionals, to skillfully ask, for an appointment.

Outbound Call Center – E-mail Follow Up

Outbound call centers specialize in increasing the business conversion rate, maximizing campaign effectiveness and building stronger customer relationships through direct mail follow-up.

The Technology

Combining direct mail with call center follow-up can more than double response rates. To be most effective, these efforts should be focused and involve timely use of the telephone as a means of lifting overall direct mail response.

Direct Mail Follow-Up benefits an organization to:

  • Achieve high-impact, short-term sales
  • Produce a highly focused, results-oriented campaign
  • Increase lead qualification rates
  • Reduce cost per qualified lead

The Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) communicate directly with the customers, dealers, distributors and business partners with a customized campaign. If direct mail is used to generate leads, then Direct Mail Follow-Up could provide dramatic increases in the quantity and quality of leads produced.

The service also supports:

  • New product launches and line extension introductions
  • Product recalls
  • Product advisory notices
  • New product indication announcements
  • Product hotlines
  • Outcomes research