Inbound Services

Inbound Customer Support Services – Call Center

Protech has a proven track record in the development of a complete turnkey customer relationship management program to get you the results you need and expect. Customer Relationship Management utilizes people, processes, and technology to integrate every area of business that touches the customer; namely, marketing, sales, customer service and technical support.

Every successful business focuses on three key elements in their relationships with their customers.

Customer Acquisition

Customer Care

Customer Growth

Simply acquiring new customers is not enough to maintain a healthy bottom-line. In today’s marketplace, the true value comes from the care, retention and growth of those acquired customers. You have invested a great deal to prospect and acquire these customers. Why not enhance the customer experience and at the same time increase your return on investment?

Fostering and growing these relationships leads to expanding your customer base and enhancing your market position.

Technical Support Services

At Protech, technical support outsourcing is evolving from simple call handling to business process reengineering. The IT Help Desk has expanded to the integrated Service Desk. India has proven its capabilities in strategic call center technical support outsourcing, both onsite and offshore. Industry majors are outsourcing technical support to India, not just for cutting costs, but for transforming their business processes and providing strategic business value.

The Technical Support Service has a strategic value in:

Increasing customer satisfaction and retention

Increasing revenues through cross-sell & up-sell of services

Increasing employee satisfaction through the internal help desk function

Reducing costs

As its role and importance is being re-defined around user needs, the Technical Support is being seen as an integral part of the service function. It brings multiple resources together to solve issues to the customer’s satisfaction and is evolving into the integrated service desk.

From cost centers to profit generators

Marking the change from cost centers into profit generators and guardians of customer loyalty, these highly evolved contact centers have moved out of the background of the customer support function and into the limelight as valuable aids to a company’s marketing wing. They are employing a host of new technologies to support pre-sales and post-sales service.

Information is the key to business success

From customers asking questions about new products or making complaints to tech support agents or help desk analysts resolving problems – all the information flowing into the tech support center or help desk is highly valuable. The data can be mined to reveal trends that enable prompt business decisions. Powerful data capture and analytics tools allow real time reporting every five minutes or half an hour, keeping a company abreast with the trends in the market.

Enabled by best-of-breed technology

Powerful technologies at Protech’s technical support centers include:

Optimized internal support processes

Workflow configuration and task automation

Intuitive, collaborative features


Customization to the unique needs of your business

Global majors have not only dramatically reduced costs but have improved the quality of their services by outsourcing tech support to India. They have shown their confidence in the capabilities of Indian service providers with year-on-year repeat contracts.

Protech offers a proven BPO offshore delivery model, reliable telecommunication links, quality and process maturity, voice support skills, qualified engineers with technical and customer support skills.

Customer solutions and support for:

Troubleshooting calls

Software problems

Internet service problems

Computer hardware problems

Up-sell/cross-sell purchases

Corporate helpdesk support

Warranty or post-warranty support

Help Desk Support Services

We offer off shore Back office Outsourcing services and Business process Out sourcing services, which guarantee reduction in cost, maintaining quality. The Help Desk is essentially a central point through which problems or issues are reported and subsequently managed and coordinated and highly responsible for bringing resources together to address a problem or other issue.

As a BPO service provider we provide proactive support, it is important that there is no illusion with respect to help desk management: ultimate responsibility for the help desk is retained. Poor help desk provision will adversely effect the help desk provider, not only the outsourcing firm.

Help Desk Expert for Customer Service

Call Center/Help Desk

External Customer Support

Products, Services and Operations Support

Problem Tracking

Call/Request Tracking

Support Resource Management

Help Desk Expert for IT Support

Internal Call Tracking

Internal Help Desk

Internal Employee Support

Internal Action Request Automation

Call/Request Tracking

Project Support Management

Key Benefits of our Help Desk Support Services:

Increased accessibility through a single point of contact, communication,
and information

Better-quality and quicker turnaround of customer requests

Improved teamwork and communication.

Enhanced focus and a proactive approach to Service provision.

A reduced negative business impact

Better managed infrastructure and control

Improved usage of IT support resources and increased productivity of business personnel